Mary Delahoyd Gallery
Exhibition: SANDRA PAYNE,
From My Home...1998
April 2 - May 23, 1998

Rhinestones, driftwood, velvet, peacock feathers, glided paper, pearls, fur... this vast panoply of sensate reality, gathered together by Sandra Payne in discrete and various combinations, celebrates what is wonderful in the world. The sheer bounty dazzles. Arrayed primarily on the floor, these intimate tableaux lure us with their sparkle and sheen, their diverse textures and unexpected associations.

Indeed, the whole gallery circumstance is unexpected-looking down instead of at eye level and encountering a feast for the senses without guile, without hidden agenda, without ulterior motives. We are free to sink into the space and breathe in its distinctive air. We are encouraged to slow down and let this scintillating jeweled array take hold-although the greatest battle may be allowing ourselves the luxury of surrender to things as they are. After all, this is a precinct of ART-which we have been conditioned to expect must mean something beyond the immediacy of the substance before us. We aren't prepared for the meaning to reside in that substance.

Yet the power of Payne's work is its direct impact. From the private sphere of her mind-the home-she has brought forth these arrangements into the public gallery sphere. They are drawings reborn as matter annotating a physical world of tactile allure. Looking down we can look inward, even embrace a meditative state. For a brief moment Payne has given us the opportunity to focus on what can be the best out of this world. [ Back to About Sandra Payne » ]